Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

Task 3: Summary of the observations and user feedback

In the following we will summarize the user feedback and observations of our first paper prototype we made (see previously blog post).

The user feedback of our first basic prototype showed up, that the user interface is not as intuitive as we expected first. Especially the painting mode needs some adjustments. So it was not intuitive understandable how to start and setup the drawing settings, like changing colors and brush size. Therefore we need to focus even more on help functions for a clear understandable user interface. An additional reason for that is, that public displays systems are totally new to users and they have no clue how to interact with them, because they don’t have any experience with them.

Another difficulty while working with the prototype occurred. For example it was not possible to simulate our gallery and computer aided interaction, because they don’t come with classical user interface elements that are visible to the user.

For the next Phase of the project, we focus on the gallery feature, because we think it is very interesting to have a gallery navigation based on user movement and not like the conventional way. Also we think that this is a part of the project with a lot of potential, were we can gather a lot user feedback to continue the project successfully.

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