Montag, 9. Januar 2012

Task 2: Interview findings & Design modification

The following post is a summary of our main findings based on the results of our previously performed user interviews.

Although the amount of interviewed users is relatively small which a number of three, we found out that the interested for digital art is greater than previously expected.

Also we conclude that most of the users are interested in art, even if they don’t go often to a gallery. There are different reasons for it, like they don’t want to pay a fee or are not interested in classic exhibitions. But they like art in their everyday environment. Therefore we purpose that is a good idea to move the art out of the gallery into public places.

Our assumption that average people don’t like to create art in public, in front of other people, was approved by a small user test while doing the interview. Two of three interview partners were not willing to paint a small sketch in front of us. So we think it is important to focus on computer aided art creation and interaction.

Due to the fact that in some public places, like bus stations, the user got limited time to draw and the fact that continuing other paintings is a nice feature, which we found out of the interview, we conclude that this is also a must have feature for our project.

All in all we found out that most of the users were interested in this topic, but we have to modify our design to satisfy our users as good as possible. The design modifications can be summarized as following:

  • It looks like the users would like the idea of moving the gallery to public places to beautify their everyday environment.
  • Some users were averse of painting in public places, so it is important to find a good solution to give the user a comfortable feeling while painting. It is necessary to provide this feeling to make a system, which the user likes to use.
  • Another modification based on the averse of paining in public places is to focus more on computer aided art creation and interaction, were the user creates art in a new and for him, interesting way.
  • The user enjoys interact also with other users. This interaction can be simultaneously like painting together, but can also be consecutively (on after another).
  • Due to alot of questions about how a system like that could work and the fact that these kind of systems are completly new to the users, it is necceary to provide an excelent and complete help function to the user.

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