Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

Improved project description

Due to the fact that we think our project description is not quite clear to everybody, we decided to describe it in more detail. Therefore we use the help of a more detailed story board and some additional comments. These adjustments also contain the user feedback we gather from the interviews of task 2.

Drive-by computer aided Interaction:

  • The user walks in front of the public display
  • The system detects him and draws some illustrations based on his movement
  • If the user stands in front of the display, the accuracy gets better and user can also use his hands to draw illustrations

Gallery mode:

  • The gallery interacts with the movement of the user
  • If the user walks to the left or right, the pictures starts moving parallel to him
  • If the user moves for- or backwards, the picture will get bigger or smaller

Painting mode:

  • Classic painting mode
  • See upcoming paper prototype on the next blog post

To change between the different modes, the user has to clap his hand. Therefore we need a help sign next to the public display or a window on the public display, which explains how to handle the system. Additionally there is a fixed timer that switches between the different modes.

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