Dienstag, 17. Januar 2012

Task 4: Gallery modus requirement update

Summarization of the gallery modus:

  • The public display shows a gallery of pictures as a slide show
  • If the user turns left/right, the slide show starts the move in the according direction
  • If the user moves for-/backward, the pictures of the slide show are getting larger/smaller (zoom)
  • If the user is very close to the public display, the slide effect stops and the pictures are in an idle modus
Requirement update:

We recognize in the lecture room that a solution for multiple users is necessary, because the room was full with people and the system was out of control if multiple users move in front of the kinect. Therefore we want to set the closed user into focus and provide an UI feature that shows the actual user.

Another requirement is the need of changing the picture if it is fixed (happens if the user is very close to a picture). Therefore we thought about a menu which pops ups if the user is in the “fix picture mode” or specific gesture.

Also the user should have to the possibility to change the velocity of the slide effect of the gallery, which is not yet implemented because the first prototype was more a kind of a horizontal prototype.

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